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So let’s kick this all off by looking over what exactly is the stereotype of a Ukrainian woman? Question whether or not those rumours are really true? We’ve all got one – that hopelessly romantic and curious vision in our minds that rolls over and over and cause us some sleepless nights. But are they true? Hopefully, you’ll soon find out. And even better… be deprived of even more sleep once you finally find the Ukrainian woman of your dreams – purely for different reasons, however!

It is, perhaps, one of the most discussed conversations that circulate that celebrated internet dating world as we know it. It’s a clear and well-known fact that anyone looking to find love overseas will have been informed that women, from Ukraine, are some of the most stunningly beautiful that you’ll find and with a penchant for obedience and willingness to match. Yet albeit that the idea of a long legged, blond Ukrainian girl with a sex drive that will make your eyes pop out of your head is great… is it fact? Or is it just a whole load of fairytale fiction?

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Ukrainian Women : The Stereotype

We have all been lead to believe, over and again, that Ukraine provides us mere mortals with the most beautiful women that the globe has on offer. Yet should we have true faith in this theory? The majority of other perceptions are that she’ll be a whizz in the kitchen, great at child minding (her own, that is) and loves being chained to the kitchen sink – whilst needing nothing short of love in return. This may well be a little over the top and old fashioned… and also a little brutal for the girl on the receiving end. However, it doesn’t end just there!

There’s another interesting side to that female Ukrainian stereotype that may, of course, be a little more sinister. If you shift over to the darker side, many of you will also be thinking that they are nothing short of gold diggers that wish to be draped in fur coats and carats, whilst sunning themselves on the very finest of Carribean islands.

So maybe it’s time that we put paid to all of these theories. It’s as transparent as crystal that if the gossip is true regarding her beauty then you’ll certainly be onto a winner. Yet the reality needs addressing, those myths need busting, as you need to know what you are really and truly getting yourself into!

Fiction vs. Reality : What are Ukrainian Women Really Like?

Let’s be blunt about this. One of the main reasons that a Ukrainian woman is going to be different to women hailing from other countries is undoubtedly down to culture. How you’re educated by your families is key. Your “normal” stems from your upbringing and this is echoed in each and every one of us. But what are they really like? What is the fiction over the reality?

The Beautiful Ukrainian Woman

So initially, let’s cover that aspect of beauty! Ukrainian women take care of themselves. They have been educated to be beautiful! They will not only spend a fortune on make-up and products, they’ll spend hours applying it – and not only for their benefits, also for yours. For a Ukrainian girl to not make the most of what she’s been blessed with, is nothing short of a horror story! So once you’ve found that girl of your dreams… always remember that she’ll need two hours longer in the bathroom than yourself.

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Whilst on the subject of beauty, it’s probably wise to discuss remaining in shape. Ukrainian women are the ultimate gym bunnies. They will exercise regularly and remain in tip top condition whilst maintaining a figure to die for. Additionally, junk food is definitely off that menu – even if they do have an obsession with eating bizarre food such as slabs of bread that have been slathered in mayo!

In essence, you’ll probably find that a girl from your own country may well be just as beautiful… but will she look after herself to the extent of a Ukrainian one?

The Ukrainian Homemaker

A Ukrainian girl has had it instilled into her since birth that she’ll be the homemaker and leave you, the guy, out earning to place the bread on the table. Yet don’t underestimate her. It’s quite possible that she’ll be remarkably more decorated in honours and degrees than you will. Ukrainians understand the importance of education and they have had the schooling and will invariably have the medals to prove it. Henceforth, don’t chain her to the kitchen sink – she’ll be intelligent enough to hate it!

A Ukrainian Girl & Money

And finally… let’s endeavour to put paid to that lore and fable of digging – for gold! You’ll have a curious game and battle on your hands over this one. In Ukraine, it’s traditional for the women to take care of all of the household finances. Once she’s got hold of them, she’ll put food on the table and it’ll be good. However, she’s going to blow the rest on diamonds – if there’s enough of it left in the pot. In essence, Ukrainian women are purely disastrous when it comes to allocating the dosh. They’ve spent years being subjected to hardships owing to economic crisis after crisis, leaving some in the bank for a rainy day is a mystery to a Ukrainian girl. Good luck with a theory for overcoming this one – when you find it, share it! You’re not the only one in need of advice.

Ukrainian Women : How and What do They Dress Like?

One thing is for sure. Ukrainian women understand their figures, they know how to look good and they pull it off with sophisticated composure. However, they place high importance on clothing and will go without to pay for it. A Ukrainian girl dresses to impress and won’t you know it! She’ll think nothing of browsing the high-end dress stores and will want the shoes and the handbag to match.

For any of you that have ever been to Ukraine, you’ll also be aware that there’s not a pair of jogging pants in sight – unless it’s in the gymnasium. Tight tops, mini-skirts and figure hugging dresses are all going to feature and if there’s a pair of jeans on her gorgeous legs, they’ll be delightfully finished off with a pair of stylish stilettos on her feet.

Clothes are vital to a Ukrainian woman, they are one of the staples of her life. She will dress to attract and has been programmed to do so. You will have a cast iron guarantee that you’ll always be proud to be able to call her your girl!

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What is Ukrainian Woman Likely to be Called?

Or more importantly, are you going to be able to actually pronounce her name? And the answer to that will be, if you manage to find one that’s called Sasha or Anna you’re in luck. They frequently end in the letter A. However, they’re also huge fans of all of those consonants that we don’t very often use within the standard modern world of language (unless you’re from the Czech Republic or Wales, that is). Yet it goes without saying that they are often very attractive names, just like the women themselves. It isn’t too unusual to find a beautiful Ukrainian woman who is nothing short of a princess to look at, with a stylish name to match… or several.

So that “several name” thing, let’s go and make your life a little more complicated – they also have nicknames, just like the rest of the world. However… they will use them in accordance with moods. Oh yes, you heard us correctly. For example, if you find that your Ukrainian beauty is called Natalia, she might be called Natal’ya at some point by her friends yet Natasha or Natalka at another time. It’s almost like conjugating verbs… and just as confusing on the outset. And be warned, we’ve given you a simple example.

Moving onto their family names and you’re treading on unchartered territory! To give you an idea, pick a whole bunch of letters, like V, Y and possibly B. Throw an -enko or an -yshyn on the end of it and you’ve got your cossack beauty in the bag!

You’ll learn. We never said it was going to be plain sailing!

And just as you thought that it was all coming to an end… now for the interesting bit!

What ARE Ukrainian Girls Like in Bed?

Well, we’ve all heard the gossip. We know that they are red hot to look at but is it true that they’re also steaming hot between the sheets?

To begin with, remember that they’re obsessed with beauty and clothes. Her underwear is going to be nothing short of sublime. You’ll also be guaranteed that she’ll be preened to perfection in every perceivable and conceivable zone where it needs to be.

Yet it doesn’t end with just a pair of pretty knickers… she’ll also be libidinous and give you her all. When a Ukrainian woman finally takes that plunge and decides to jump into bed, she’ll bring a dedication to passion and pleasure with her for the ride. They’re wild between the sheets and will give in to your whims and desires… if you actually manage to get her in the sack, watch out for some fun and games! You shouldn’t be disappointed!!!

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Whilst on this incredibly interesting subject, it’s probably also crucial to take note that a Ukrainian woman is not actually that likely to jump into bed with you at the drop of a hat. If you want her to drop more than the hat you’re going to have to take some time out with her. Date her, dine her and buy her the flowers! They’re no pushovers – would you want it any other way?

Overall, it’s clear to say that no matter which corner of the world that you decide to place yourself to look for love there are going to be cultural differences. On the whole, Ukrainian people are exceedingly polite. Yet it’s also vital to remember, that Ukrainian women are used to chivalrous men. They will expect you to hold the door for them as they graciously glide through it and they’ll also expect you to exercise impeccable table manners. When dating a Ukrainian lady, whilst romancing your future wife, be rest assured, you will need to be magnanimously manly whilst exhibiting a good dose of well-bred finery… whoever you may be!

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