Ukrainian Customs and Traditions

Every country has their own particular customs and traditions that simply makes them unique. In Ukraine, these activities are strongly connected with one of the most important aspects of human life, family. Family traditions in Ukraine are the emblem of their culture and a way of living, always enforcing family bonds and celebrating them with songs and omens.
Ukrainian customs and traditions are also related to the ancient agricultural and religious calendar. Celebrating harvest seasons, winter, spring, Christmas, etcetera. This is why a tourist is amazed by the uniqueness and at the same time familiarity of Ukrainian traditions that usually make people who come from other parts of the world just want to stay and enjoy a good glass of wine or vodka with a Ukrainian family.
Ukraine Customs
In this country, the use of rites and amulets in customs are very common. And for Ukrainians, marriage, pregnancy, and the birth of a child are things to be commemorated.

Other family traditions in Ukraine are very important as well. Baptism is fundamental for families, and it is a sin to refuse to be a part of these activities. Pregnant women have to follow rigorous rules for not to fall into disgrace in Ukrainian Culture. Daily things as cutting your hair or meeting with sick people are suspended during the period of pregnancy. Even the amount of people that know about the pregnancy has to be limited in order to conceive a healthy baby. The most Ukraine related custom is the crosswire hair cut new mothers have to take on the first anniversary of birth.
Ukraine Traditions
Family traditions in Ukraine are very complex and different from each other. Everyone carries a lot of meaning and purpose, maybe for better health, more wealth in life, for sanctifying home, etcetera. One tradition to talk about is the tasty Масниця in Ukrainian or Maslenitsa (Pancake week), equivalent to the Christian carnival, or the Kupala night, related to the summer solstice. Ukrainian Christmas adds some days in January for its celebrations and some particular rituals and activities like fortune telling or a very alike There is also a Halloween tradition in which kids run around houses and eat sweets.
Water is also important for Ukrainian culture, and they celebrate their healing features in the water Epiphany. They also decorate their homes with freshly blossomed flowers on Trinity Sunday.
Take some time out of your life and discover the amazing family traditions in Ukraine that have become a huge part of why tourists love to visit this country to experience some of this culture for themselves.

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