A Ukrainian Average


A Ukrainian average. What is it? What exactly does it comprise of? What makes the difference – why are Ukrainian girls a far cry from their American or British counterparts? It’s not just a question of beauty, there’s a whole bunch of other stuff that comes into play when we examine the situation in hand. There’s culture, there’s education and there’s good old fashioned values and pride!

If you’re browsing through blog.bridesplaza.com it’s fairly obvious that you’re probably looking for gorgeous woman of your dreams. Possibly, the wife that you’ve been hankering after all those years. Yet there’s a multitude of different things that you’re going to need to know before you dip that toe into the water – as it runs deeper than just a decent pair of legs and some glorious blond locks.

Luckily for you, we’ve done the crucial research, so that you don’t have to. Hopefully, you’ve worked out for yourself where Ukraine is – and so now it’s time to look at the actual differences between Ukraine’s exquisite beauties and other nationalities of girls and why Ukrainians stand out from all the rest.

Dating single Ukrainian beautiful women

Eastern European Women

Beautiful slender blonde on sea. Summer travel photos

So let’s just generalize a little with this, let’s put a stereotype into play. What is it about Eastern European women that make them so darn mysterious?

And the best way to do this is with a little myth busting :

What you Probably Think About Eastern European Women

  • They are hell bent on leaving Eastern Europe.

Not strictly true! In Eastern Europe, everybody is passionate about discovering new things and that includes travel. Yet they also know what they want. Owing to sheer demographics, it’s not always easy to find what you want – and if that’s a man, sometimes women are going to look for it elsewhere. Just like yourself on your hunt for an overseas girl!

  • They are hell bent on digging for the gold stuff

Ha! What another myth this one is… anywhere in the world you are liable to find a digger! Our own gorgeous Jerry Hall and that weird British newspaper guy she just got hitched to. Anyone who has dated Hugh Hefner, Anna Nicole Smith – uh, do we need to go on? There’s a huge gang of Eastern European women who are not looking for the karats. Of course, there’s a bundle of them that are too… just like in your own country!

  • They are hell bent on never doing an honest day’s work… ever!

Think on! Most of them are far superior to yourselves in the diploma competition and Eastern European women will know exactly how to use the ones they’ve got. Most of them are highly educated and have awesome jobs – which is why they can afford to keep themselves in designer clothes and fabulous face creams.

  • They are hell bent on not showing emotions – and cold to boot

Contrary to our own delightful customs, Eastern European women will only smile with reason. You’re not going to get a false hello with a beaming pearly white smile that’s just for the sake of it. Which, bizarrely, once you’ve got used to it – you’ll love it! You know where you stand and it makes it all the more worthwhile!

  • And finally – they are a slave to fashion and beauty

A strange myth to bust – because they’re renowned for being pretty gorgeous! However, they’re not a slave to it and they’re not going to suffer through it. Albeit that you’ll need to leave her enough time in the bathroom in the morning, she’ll be cool with a walk in the country in a pair of old trainers and a scarf wrapped around her neck!

Ukrainian girls for marriage

woman_russiaSo let’s now begin to whittle this down somewhat. Because Eastern European covers a multitude of Slavic states. You are probably aware that there’s a mixed bag of borders in Ukraine and that it’s spent a large proportion of its life being united with Russia. Yet there’s a gargantuan ground to cover as, in total, Russia and Ukraine is literally spread over a colossal land-mass. And it’s courtesy of this great mass that you’ve got cultural differences between these two marvelous countries.

So what is the difference between Ukrainian girls and Russian ones?

Ukrainian Women vs. Russian Women

Before beginning, probably a good way of looking at it is to think about, say, the US and Mexico… or maybe even Italy and Switzerland. They’ve all got borders next door to each other, but boy, are they different. The US eat pancakes for breakfast, Mexicans eat tacos – all the time. Italians take in numerous amounts of mistresses – the Swiss buy cuckoo clocks. Well… Ukraine and Russia are a little the alike!

In essence, one of the predominantly notable factors concerning Ukrainian girls has to be that they have a tendency to be stunning and blond. This is down to genetics! Whereby their Russian cousins and neighbors, have a tendency to be a little darker haired and skinned. Traditionally, Ukraine has a mixed bag of DNA. Over the years, there’s been Germans, Balts, Jews, Turks, Tatars and Scandinavians (and that’s just to name a few) that have passed through, leaving their influences and genetics behind… and with stunning results, it has to be said!

Another noticeable factor about those exquisite Ukrainian women is that they have a penchant to be much more sensual and kind when you compare them with Russians. They stand out as being more expressive and will be more inclined to express an individual personality. This is because Russian women have been brought up with a rod of iron. They are used to being obedient and humble whereby Ukrainians are probably a little more Westernised in their education. However, this just adds to their femininity. They are outwardly more confident in their stride.

To finalize on these comparisons, one of the other points that differ Ukrainian girls from Russian girls is their dedication to attracting the opposite sex. In Ukraine, they will and live and die by their ability to look amazing. They are happy to get out and walk through cities and are not adverse to skipping the fast food. It’s important to them to look good and they work it like a dream… through to the bitter end. Russians will let it slide on occasions – and doesn’t it show!

So Let’s Step it up a Gear – Ukraine vs. The United Kingdomwoman_sea

So now we’re talking business… because it’s maybe a little easier to understand those comparables. How do those Ukrainian ladies differ from that British bunch? What are the differences when it comes to those British beauties and those that have come from that Baltic state that we know and oh so love?

As with Americans, there’s a host of guys looking to hook up with Ukrainian girls. So why’s it not working for those poor Brit gents? Because there’s clearly a reason why a man looks overseas for his girlfriend or his wife. And in essence, there is a certain element whereby society has educated UK women, via the media, their parents, society, whatever the means, to take things for granted in today’s world that they live in. However… men are generally programmed to be verging on paternal when they date. They’ll happily exhibit their wealth and their worldly goods, to show you that they’re capable of providing. They’re natural hunters and gatherers. Where a UK girl will presuppose and expect, Ukrainian girls don’t – and they’re impressed… but moreover, they appreciate it! 1–nil to Ukraine!

A second common feature of some Ukraine girls is that they know what they want and they’re completely realistic about their expectations… and they go out and grab that item, with both hands. They’ll literally interview men as a process. They won’t mess around and take their time – and when they’ve made their decision, they’ll stick to it. Whereas a girl from the United Kingdom is used to having what she wants at the click of her fingers. She’ll mess you around, maybe think a while, whilst you’re hanging around in the background waiting for her to make decisions. It’s not looking great for those British beauties guys…

And finally… Ukraine beauties are all-rounders when it comes to old fashioned values and education. They’ll mind the P’s and put paid to those Q’s – your mother’s going to love her!

English girls won’t bow down to old fashioned – they no longer have to!

And for the Final Scores on the Doors – Ukraine vs The United States…

… now we’re really getting down to it!

Looking for a stable job and to build a great future for herself, looking for a stable husband to build a great family life for herself. Do we need to tell you which one is which?

American girls are about comfort and confidence. The American girl is your pair of jogging pants, the Ukrainian girl is your pair of stiletto heels. When an American girl asks you to buy her dinner, your Ukrainian beauty will absolutely expect it – and she’ll have earned it from her efforts. Your American girl thinks it’s a god given right, with no effort required.

Everything that we know about the all-American girl is everything that the Ukrainian girl isn’t. American’s will be quick to slam the fake nails and eyelashes, Ukrainian girls are there… open armed and embracing it. If you’re looking for the ideal, the girl that won’t get drunk in a nightclub and end up vomiting in a corner, then there’s absolutely no comparison.

Ukrainian Women for Marriage

In a nutshell, the absolute majority of Ukrainian girls have not been contaminated by junk food and bad manners… get yourself over to the States and there’s a fast food store and bad attitudes on just about every street corner.

Final Scores – Ukraine does it again… just like they did in the Eurovision Song Contest!

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