Ukraine – What’s it Really Like

Ukraine : What is it Really Like?

Each and everyone one you that have been browsing through the site, looking for some gorgeous Ukrainian girls will have, invariably, asked themselves the million dollar question “where is Ukraine”. We’ve all heard of it, some of us have a vague recollection that it’s got something to do with Russia and we also all know that it’s home to some seriously beautiful women. So let’s hit that bottom line and give you good looking and glorious readers some heads up on the facts, geography and history of this culture-rich country.

Ukraine – Where is it and What is it? 7 Facts & Figures

1. Initially, where on earth on that map are you going to find Ukraine? Well if you find Turkey on the map and look over the Black Sea, it’s realtively easy to spot. And if that doesn’t help you, take a look to the right of Poland or hover down below Belarus and you shouldn’t be too far out.

2. It’s a great location for a vacation. Boasting nearly 1800 miles of shoreline, it sits wonderfully on the Black and Azov sea. To boot, it offers borders galore : Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Romania and Moldova are all just a quick hop away!

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3. The country is around 603,500 square kilometers which make it roughly around the same size as France. However, if you take the population of the two and compare them, you’ll find that France holds a whopping 66 million leaving Ukraine trailing rather a long way behind at just 46 million.

4. Its capital is the wonderful Kiev, which is the 8th most populated city in Europe according to statistics. Located in the central Northern zone of Ukraine and being situated on the Dnieper River, it’s crammed full of culture and history, deeming it well worth a visit.

5. There are ongoing grumbles between Ukraine and Russia over a tiny peninsula located in the Black Sea that you’ll probably know to be Crimea. It was never a problem until Ukraine and Russia parted their merry ways. It’s a great tourist hotspot and home to nearly 60% of ethnic Russians – hence the arguments… it’s in Ukraine.

6. It’s the largest country in Europe, yet only marginally! France and Spain are not that far behind. Additionally, it’s visa free for most of Europe, and also for the USA, Canada and Japan… but don’t forget your passport. A rough three and a half hours for you Brits and you’re there.

7. And finally, the most important fact of all of them. Ukraine loves and adores the Eurovision Song Contest – the proof being in their success. It’s the one and only of those stunning Eastern European countries to win it twice, most recently being in 2016!

Of course, you are all finding out, step-by-step, what there is to discover in Ukraine. You’ve achieved the status of “a little more educated and conversant” on the general land mass and population. You’ve got to grips with the gossip concerning Crimea and you’ve definitely pondered over purchasing tickets for the next Eurovision Song Contest (we won’t tell anyone). However, if you actually get around to visiting Ukraine, you’ll also need a rough idea of what there is to see and do. It’s a fabulously culture rich country and simply oozes beauty and character. Yet where should you be placing your pin on that map? Which are the best Ukraine cities to visit and why?

Ukraine & its Cities : Kiev

One of the easiest places to fly to in Ukraine has to be Kiev. It’s on regular flight paths and is not going to cost an arm and a leg to get there. It’s one of the oldest and most populated city in Europe and boasts some fabulous tourist sites. Yet if you arrive and you initially just want to explore and find your way around the city itself, you’ll be delighted to discover that not only is the metro easy to navigate (there are only three lines), but it’s also dirt cheap! Alternatively, there’s an awesome bus and train service or you can visit the city via it’s funicular which will offer some breathtaking views over Kiev.


What To Expect :

Crazy bustling vibrancy yet it’s only half the size of London with a European ambience that is to die for!

What Not To Expect :

Food queues!

What you shouldn’t miss :

Andriyivsky Uzviz (don’t bother even trying to pronounce it). The Parisian Montmartre of Ukraine with the fabulous St Andrews church right at the top of the hill. An exquisite atmosphere and crammed full of culture – Baroque at its absolute finest!

Ukraine & its Cities : Lviv

Fabulously well geared up and raring to go, Lviv embraces tourism like a Ukrainian girl will make you a damn good mlin-tsi! With a legacy that echos it’s Austrian-Hungarian Emire days, it’s positively littered with cobbled streets, delightful buildings and coffee shops. It’s that pure and colourful jewel in the crown that will make you want to never go home. It radiates Austro-Hungarian charm alongside being an elegant and exquisite Unesco World Heritage Site. Additionally, its got its own airport and tramlines galore that will help you navigate your way around this seductively beautiful city.

What To Expect :

To be plunged into a city that is the cultural capital of Ukraine! Oh, and a whole load of chocolate… they’ve been making it since the middle ages – allegedly!

What Not To Expect :

Fish & chips on the beach.

What you shouldn’t miss :

Having your photo with the legendary Neptune in Rynok square – he’s always more than happy to oblige!


Ukraine & its Cities : Odessa

If you are looking for a touch of the real Ukraine, Odessa’s your bag! An urban metropolis that sits proudly overlooking the Black Sea, this is Ukraine’s biggest commercial port. Packed full of Neoclassicism with buildings that are pure visual art in itself, it’s sharp sleek atmosphere will leave you with a sheer, inner-city and downtown feel. And when you’ve had enough of living in the Eastern version of a Charles Dickens novel, get yourself off to one of its sublime sandy beaches and soak up some of the sunshine – of course, make sure you’re there in the summer months if that’s your particular solid-gold choice.


What To Expect :

An eclectic and certainly cosmopolitan mix of rebellion and culture coupled with a gritty dose of booming nightclubs. A must for all you citified go-getters!

What Not To Expect :

A single word of spoken English – you’ll need your Russian phrase book!

What you shouldn’t miss :

A walk over the infamous mother-in-law bridge. Legend would have it that the First Secretary of the Odessa Communist Party built it to make the journey to his particular mother-in-law in question shorter as she made great pancakes!

Ukrainian Tourist Sites That Deserve Their very Own Independent Categories!

Where would we all be if there wasn’t that crucial “independent category for the most awesome tourist sites that you’ll possibly ever see”? Australia has a huge rock in the middle of nowhere that’s red and slightly square. Geneva in Switzerland offers you a very underwhelming jet of water that spurts sky high out of its lake (don’t go out of your way to see it). And then we move on to Ukraine – the most impressive of them all… where you’ll find the breathtaking and purely beautiful, Tunnel Of Love. Ahhh… romance at its very finest!

It’s a tiny railway track that is lined with trees and greenery that has a quaint train that still uses it to visit the nearby wood factory, just three times a day. With it’s heavenly green corridor, its beauty is sheer and heart stopping. It’s magical no matter which time of year you visit and rumour has it that if yourself, with your cherished, make a wish whilst there – it’s a sure fire thing that it’s going to come true. Best make it a good one.

Located in Klevan, you’ll need to make a special journey to enable you to see it – but it’s well worth the visit. It is around three hours from Lviv or a five to six-hour train ride from Kiev.

So, to move on to another wonder of that Ukrainian world (oh yes, there’s more than one of those “special category sites”…) they also have those stunningly beautiful Carpathian mountains. One of the worlds best kept secrets, it’s an awesome ski resort that will give even Klosters a run for it’s money… and not even for a quarter of the price! Offering an abundance of snow capped slopes, it’s not only picturesque, it also gives you some amazing jumps and moguls!

They are simply breathtaking and well worth a visit, yet it’s going to take you roughly 8 hours to get there from Lviv. Located in the top west corner of Ukraine, you’ll be able to get there via train or bus.

carpathian mountains

Ukraine : The Stereotype

So now that you’ve experienced your whistle-stop tour of this beloved and culture rich country, you’ll be wanting to know what the people are like! Well initially, we think that you’ll need to know that it will be rare to find someone that is going to smile at you in the street. However, don’t be too alarmed by this. It’s more their mannerism over the fact that they don’t like you. Smiling is for happiness, not for a simple greeting or just “hi” in the street.

It’s probably also vital to remember that, albeit, the vision you’ll have of them is one of people swilling vodka (or horilka as it’s known if you’re a native) and eating children for breakfast – it’s not all of them! Generally, they are a nation of warm, proud people that offer stunning women that are waiting for your call…

So to summarise, when you visit Ukraine, you’ll be guaranteed to have plenty to do and see. You’ll also experience a wealth of delicious food and delights. There’s a myriad of sites that are all simply radiating with character and charm and magnificent cities that have highlights and lowlights – which city doesn’t? And when you steer away from them, you’ll be faced with some of the most astonishing countryside that could ever wish to be faced with. It’s quaint and it’s rural, it’s urban and it’s diverse and it’s waiting to be discovered.

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