5 Things You Never Knew about Ukraine

The Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet is the oldest theater in Odessa, Ukraine. The Theater and the Potemkin Stairs are the most famous edifices in Odessa.


There is a saying in Ukraine that nature cannot have bad weather. Local climate is moderate, so you will not observe too high or too low temperatures. Continental warm summer turns into snowy winter. Winter temperature is usually five to ten degrees below zero, but there are few days with the temperature reaching twenty degrees below zero. Beautiful snowfalls will impress and bring joy.

Hot summers can make you melt like an ice cream when the temperature rises to thirty or thirty-five degrees above zero. Average temperature in Ukraine is twenty-five degrees during this season. Rains happen one a week; sometimes there may be two dry weeks. The hottest month is July. Spring and autumn are two seasons with mild warmth. If you like dry weather, your seasons are spring and summer. If you like rainy weather, your season is the second part autumn.

Currency and money

Hryvnia is a Ukrainian local currency and it contains 100 kopiykas. You can easily recognize it by an international UAH code. The National Bank issues cash to Ukrainian residents. You can find hryvnias of various face value such as one, two, five, ten, twenty, fifty, hundred, two hundred and five hundred. You can buy goods with coins of one, two, five, ten, twenty-five and fifty kopiykas nominal. If you like to collect coins, you can add some Ukrainian ones.

shopping_womanUkrainian residents like to save up money in euros or dollars, so you can freely take cash with you. You cannot pay with foreign currency for a meal in a restaurant or any goods in shops, but you can exchange the money at any currency exchange place such as bank, hotel or airport. If the banknotes look tired or if you washed it with your jeans, you may have problems in the bank. You will have to spend some more time to find the very bank to change the bad banknote to a new one. You will need a passport for any activity with money.

Ukraine is a safe country, but everyone has a chance to lose money. So keep some cash in your pockets, while all the rest of your money are kept on a credit card. Chose what sum to use for payments depending on the place you visit and whether they accept payments with a credit card.


Do not ever drink water running from a Ukrainian tap. It will bring harm to your health, especially if you have never tasted it before. If you are used to it, than everything is ok. Local residents buy bottled water to drink and cook meals. Ask locals what brand they chose and how much they spend on clean and useful water. People also install various water filters to make water from a tap safer for cooking. You can find such at any supermarket.


Ukrainians control their time by turning an hour hand for an hour forward or backward twice a year. It helps to save electricity and the costs. They have two times called summer and winter ones. There is a special telephone number to discover the particular current time. Just call 060 to find it out.

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