14 Years Age Difference Marriage

What is common among the celebrity couples – Kate Beckinsale & Matt Rife, Melanie Hamrick & Mick Jagger, and Tony Bennett & Susan Crow? Well, you guessed it right! It is the visible age difference in their marriage. But does the age difference matter? What makes people coming from such diverse age groups come together and entangle in everlasting love and marriage relationships? Well, looking at these happy celeb couples, one can only say that LOVE truly doesn’t know any boundaries! Moreover, the mysteries of Love are difficult to understand or decipher. That said, let us explore the flip side to understand what an age difference of 14 years can mean in a marriage.

Experiencing Different Life Phases
People who have tied knots despite a substantial difference in their age groups have always reported that they both experience the different phases of life. They differ not just in age groups but also their perspectives towards life differ. When looking specifically at a 14 year age different, being born in separate decades, both partners see the alternative aspects of life very differently to one another. They may have different interests, different priorities, different cultures but still, something brings them together. Even minor things such as a song on the radio can highlight the difference in their age group when one partner sings and dances to the tune while the other doesn’t even know the song, let alone the artist. However, these things are insignificant in the grand scheme of things; love prevails above all, and these minor differences only add to the intrigue of the individual in each other’s eyes.

Worry About Spending the Last Phase of Life Alone
One most evident and concerning thing that bothers couples planning to tie the knot despite their age difference is that the younger partner will have to spend the ending phase of life alone. While the thought may be concerning for some time, life happens despite the age and worries because you cannot plan a relationship with the end in your mind. It is about spending a lifetime with your partner and trying to enjoy the time you have together, and not spent worrying about the ‘what if’s.’.

Shared Interests Work Wonders
Most couples who have had a relationship despite their age difference report that their common interests keep them going. However, they also enjoy their differences. They teach each other about their generations, they respect each other’s perspective and focus more on their compatibilities. Their passion and endurance make their marriage a forever relationship.

So, to conclude, an age difference of 14 years in marriage may sound bewildering or unrealistic. However, there are couples out there who have tied the knot despite an objection on their age difference and are still having a long and happy married life!

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