Ukrainian Customs and Traditions

Every country has their own particular customs and traditions that simply makes them unique. In Ukraine, these activities are strongly connected with one of the most important aspects of human life, family. Family traditions in Ukraine are the emblem of their culture and a way of living, always enforcing family bonds and celebrating them with songs and omens.
Ukrainian customs and traditions are also related to the ancient agricultural and religious calendar. Celebrating harvest seasons, winter, spring, Christmas, etcetera. This is why a tourist is amazed by the uniqueness and at the same time familiarity of Ukrainian traditions that usually make people who come from other parts of the world just want to stay and enjoy a good glass of wine or vodka with a Ukrainian family.
Ukraine Customs
In this country, the use of rites and amulets in customs are very common. And for Ukrainians, marriage, pregnancy, and the birth of a child are things to be commemorated.

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Why Smart Men are going to Ukraine to Find a Wife

Foreign men who look into Ukraine to find a wife are making a very wise decision. Ukraine
brides are the role models in the world in case of personal and relationship values because
of the way they are educated in this country, centred in the most important aspect of
someone’s life: family. Smart men understand the importance of family and how this
affects later on with commitment and trust in a relationship. But for those who still have
not decided to find a wife in Ukraine, here it will be explained the requirements these fine
women demand and what the implications are for men when it comes to long lasting
– Ensuring Love And Economic Safety
In order to find a wife in Ukraine, these two aspects need to be properly granted by men.
For a foreign person who seeks love from a Ukrainian, they have to understand the
awesome traditions and customs of Ukrainian families. They have to be open minded and
understand the cultural differences between them and the bride. After that, men have to
truly love and understand their brides, using the universal language of love we all know.
But love is not everything in a relationship and Ukrainian brides understand that a suitable
husband must offer her economic stability for raising a family or just being comfortable.
These are not desperate women trying to get out of a country. In a relationship, they are
looking to improve their lives when it comes to love and obviously, economically speaking.
There is no need for a future husband to be a millionaire, just to have a stable job and
ambition for a better life is enough.
– The Commitment Factor
To find a wife in Ukraine, if the men have the love and economy factors in his favour, the
next aspect he needs to have is emotional intelligence. Ukrainian brides are typically
strong and caring women who will give everything for the husband who will ultimately
become her family. It is obligatory for the men to have the exact, if not more desire to
commit with her in a long lasting and beautiful relationship. These brides need the
assurance that their men will blindly trust and support them. Relationships last if they are
properly built with a block of intimacy, happiness and commitment, and emotional
integrity is definitely key to this.

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14 Years Age Difference Marriage

What is common among the celebrity couples – Kate Beckinsale & Matt Rife, Melanie Hamrick & Mick Jagger, and Tony Bennett & Susan Crow? Well, you guessed it right! It is the visible age difference in their marriage. But does the age difference matter? What makes people coming from such diverse age groups come together and entangle in everlasting love and marriage relationships? Well, looking at these happy celeb couples, one can only say that LOVE truly doesn’t know any boundaries! Moreover, the mysteries of Love are difficult to understand or decipher. That said, let us explore the flip side to understand what an age difference of 14 years can mean in a marriage.

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10 Best Cities for an American Man to Find a Wife

What does it take to build a strong relationship? Is there a formula that would work every single time? We’ve decided to put together a list that will, most certainly, present you with the highest chances of finding your second half. These are the cities with the most impressive statistics for longevity of relationships.
These places are not marked, in any particular way, with fantastic landscapes or romantic backdrops. We were looking at the percent of single people and the overall quality of relationships. Fewer divorces and more happy couples was our goal! Let’s try to build true relationships with everlasting love!

Washington, D.C.
Unmarried Percentage: 71.2
Divorced Percentage: 9.2
Emotional Intelligence Value: A
Good Places for Dating Value: A

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5 Things You Never Knew about Ukraine


There is a saying in Ukraine that nature cannot have bad weather. Local climate is moderate, so you will not observe too high or too low temperatures. Continental warm summer turns into snowy winter. Winter temperature is usually five to ten degrees below zero, but there are few days with the temperature reaching twenty degrees below zero. Beautiful snowfalls will impress and bring joy.

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Dating Websites, Are They Useful?

Everyone knows that every year the Internet becomes more and more popular. It is impossible to imagine our life without the global network. If someone does not agree with this statement, this person, possibly, does not have the Internet. Therefore, it is much easier to meet a perfect woman on the dating website, rather than in real life.

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A Ukrainian Average

A Ukrainian average. What is it? What exactly does it comprise of? What makes the difference – why are Ukrainian girls a far cry from their American or British counterparts? It’s not just a question of beauty, there’s a whole bunch of other stuff that comes into play when we examine the situation in hand. There’s culture, there’s education and there’s good old fashioned values and pride!

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Ukrainian women


So let’s kick this all off by looking over what exactly is the stereotype of a Ukrainian woman? Question whether or not those rumours are really true? We’ve all got one – that hopelessly romantic and curious vision in our minds that rolls over and over and cause us some sleepless nights. But are they true? Hopefully, you’ll soon find out. And even better… be deprived of even more sleep once you finally find the Ukrainian woman of your dreams – purely for different reasons, however!

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Ukraine – What’s it Really Like

Ukraine : What is it Really Like?

Each and everyone one you that have been browsing through the site, looking for some gorgeous Ukrainian girls will have, invariably, asked themselves the million dollar question “where is Ukraine”. We’ve all heard of it, some of us have a vague recollection that it’s got something to do with Russia and we also all know that it’s home to some seriously beautiful women. So let’s hit that bottom line and give you good looking and glorious readers some heads up on the facts, geography and history of this culture-rich country.

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Some of us may have found love and companionship. Meanwhile, there’s a good number of us that are still actively – and earnestly – looking for it. The chances are if you’re perusing through our site, reading this article, that you’re in the latter of those two categories. It’s also highly probable if you’re browsing, that you’ve considered the possibility of finding love and marriage overseas.

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